David Brabender

541-338-9300, ext. 1

I have the best job! I get to work with smart, energetic, innovative people who are willing to fully commit and risk total failure, betting on the quality of their team and the market’s need for their innovation.

Of course, that is the definition of an entrepreneur, and I find myself well suited to working with entrepreneurs. I like the creative process and the fast pace. When new clients first visit with us, I listen carefully to their explanation of their business model, the composition of the founder group, the intellectual property components, and their thoughts on initial entity structure.  Frequently, I am able to provide immediate feedback, point out potential problem areas, and offer tweaks or alternative means by which they can achieve their goals.

I bring my background and experience to bear on behalf of all our clients. I started my career with the Polsinelli law firm, a large business law firm headquartered in Kansas City, MO, where I was a full-equity shareholder and member of the board of directors. My practice at Polsinelli focused primarily on mergers and acquisitions and the representation of entrepreneurs and their private companies.

I am eager to work with new clients as each new client provides me with a unique learning opportunity.   At the end of the day, that constant learning process is what it is all about on my end.

Strategic Alliances In Specialty Areas

We recognize that our clients need legal services in areas other than business law. For that reason, we have developed alliances with lawyers outside our firm in the areas where our clients need advice. These areas include intellectual property (trademarks and patents), employment law, litigation, international law, real estate, and estate planning.

We do not simply refer our clients to these other lawyers. Instead, we remain in close contact with them to monitor the progress of our clients’ matters. The key to making these arrangements work is that the other lawyers are experts in their area and they are accountable not only to the clients, but also to us.