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Who We Are


Endeavor Law is a Eugene, Oregon business law firm with a primary focus on representing start-ups of all kinds in the Southern Willamette Valley. Our clients represent a broad range of industries, including technology, life sciences, software and SaaS, game development, educational media, and organic food processing. Of course, many of our startup clients develop into mature businesses, and we represent them in that business cycle as well. We also work regularly with companies in implementing successful exit strategies.

What We Do

Start Up Services

When you hire Endeavor Law, you are hiring both a legal advisor and a business advisor.

We are very familiar with the challenges and opportunities encountered by start-up businesses. The decisions that companies make in the initial stages of development can have a significant impact on their businesses down the line, including their ability to protect intellectual property and raise funds from investors, and can also affect tax consequences for their founders, employees, and investors.

We are experts in advising companies through all stages of business evolution and development. Our services include the following:

  • Business plan review and advice
  • Business structure, including choice of entity and entity formation, advice regarding benefit companies, tax advice, initial capital structure, and founders’ arrangements
  • Corporate shareholder agreements and limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements
  • Advice on raising funds from investors
  • Structuring relationships with key employees and outside contractors, including employment agreements and equity compensation plans
  • Intellectual property protection strategies, including employee confidentiality and third-party nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Supplier, distributor, licensing, and other strategic relationships
  • Business acquisition, sale, merger, and buy-out negotiation and advice

Equity Based Compensation For Key Employees

Attracting talented people is a key to success for any business. However, many young companies lack the funds to pay market rate to their employees and outside contractors. An alternative to cash compensation is the award of an equity stake in the business. More established businesses may also wish to award equity stakes to their employees as a performance incentive. There are many equity compensation models available, depending on the structure of the company and its objectives. In order to achieve the desired result, these models require careful tax planning.

We regularly assist clients in developing equity compensation plans, including incentive stock option (ISO) plans, non-qualified stock option (NSO) plans, restricted stock awards, and restricted stock unit (RSU) plans, as well as the grant of profits interests in limited liability companies (LLCs).

Raising Funds From Investors

One of the biggest challenges a start-up company faces is funding its early operational and R&D needs. Likewise, companies in the growth phase often need additional capital as they mature. Many times this involves multiple rounds of financing, from investment by friends and family to seed financing, crowdfunding, angel investment, and venture capital financing.

Companies seeking outside investors are subject to both federal and state securities laws. While we assist clients in complying with those laws, we also use our experience to help clients structure, negotiate, and document their fundraising efforts in a manner that is responsive to market requirements.

We also assist prospective investors from time to time by reviewing the offering documents presented to them and advising them regarding the risks and potential benefits of investing in a particular company.

Licensing & Technology Transfer

Innovation is a key element of the business strategy of many of our clients. Whether those innovations are protectable by patent or copyright or as trade secrets, licensing is a primary tool to protect intellectual property. It is also a way to build partnerships with other innovative companies.

We help companies structure, negotiate, and document their licensing arrangements. Our experience includes licensing in the following industries: software, game development, life sciences and material sciences.

Licensing is also a significant component of the technology transfer process. Our location in a major university town has given us the opportunity to represent a number of technology transfer companies. We understand the unique challenges these types of companies are likely to encounter, including the initial spin-out and license agreement with the institutional owner of the intellectual property. We assist companies with this initial transaction and ongoing operational matters as their businesses develop.

General Business Contracts

Operational matters that both start-ups and mature companies deal with every day include contracts and relationships with customers, suppliers, outside software developers and designers, equipment vendors, distributors, contract manufacturers, strategic partners, and landlords. Although business owners may not call on their lawyers for run-of-the-mill matters, sometimes the nature of the relationship or the size of the transaction is so critical to the purpose of the business that precise contracting is called for.

We have extensive experience in vendor and supplier contracting, capital equipment purchasing, distributor agreements, software development agreements, terms and conditions of both purchase orders and product sales and joint venture arrangements. We provide value to our clients not only by drafting and negotiating the appropriate contracts, but also by advising them regarding market terms.

Exit Strategies- Mergers & Acquisitions

A significant number of our clients are fast-growth companies with the ultimate sale of the business as their most likely exit strategy. Therefore, our expertise in mergers and acquisitions is critical to our clients’ ability to achieve their overall objectives.

We have represented both buyers and sellers in a wide variety of transactions, ranging from simple asset or stock sales to more complex structures, including cash-out mergers, triangular mergers, and stock swaps. We recognize the time-sensitive nature of these transactions and offer prompt, flexible support to our clients.

Mature Company Representation

Although we focus on representing start-ups, over the years many of our start-up clients have developed into mature companies. Sometimes prospective clients ask us whether we can continue to represent their businesses 5 or 10 years down the line. The answer is an emphatic yes! Before we started Endeavor Law, we spent many years working with mature businesses, addressing the legal issues that arise during operations. We also work regularly with mature businesses in implementing successful exit strategies.

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